Terms & Conditions

1. All order must be made from our website (hazel.my) only. 

2. For your convenience please place your order at least 2 days before your chosen delivery to avoid unavailability of your delivery date due to fully booked.

3. Please pay careful attention & double-check all your chosen dessert, flavours, details, contact informations, delivery date and delivery time to avoid any mistake before placing an order. We are not hold any responsible on any mistake in the order.

4. Order and payment made are not cancellable, changeable, refundable and returnable.

5. Please read, understand and comply with our Terms & Conditions and Delivery Terms before placing an order to avoid being rejected.

6. In case of any problems, difficulties or questions, all communication must be through our chat system in our website. We can always continue our chat as long you log on to our website using same browser within 14 days.

7. All payment must be made through online payment from our website (hazel.my) only.

8. All payment must be made to Rintis Management (owns Hazel Bakerette) using Billplz Payment Processor provided on our website (hazel.my).

9. All delivery will be delivered by third party operator. Therefore, the delivery will be responsible by the third party.

10. Delivery for Puffs will be conducted on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Please keep update with us to be inform about Puffs availability.

11. All delivery will be conducted between 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m..

12. We will notice you about the delivery a day before your delivery day through email. Please be alert to any message coming from your email.

13. On the delivery day, please standby with phone and wait in advance at delivery location to avoid difficulty to our delivery schedule.

14. Delivery to 3rd party is allowed but make sure the receipient is standby with phone and wait in advance at delivery location to avoid difficulty to our delivery schedule. And strictly no surprise delivery.

15. All delivery collection will be at the lobby or gate only. Our delivery operator is not allowed to leave other desserts in the vehicle and he need to rush for next delivery.

16. There are no pick-up point, surprise delivery & no haggling allowed.

17. Our delivery operator will be waiting maximum of 10 minutes as they need to rush to the next location.

18. Delivery date & time cannot be change after order has been placed.

19. If a delivery is failed because the recipient was not present, the second delivery will be attempt but will cost an additional RM50 borne by you. Charge payment will be email to your email and payment has to be made before second attempt is made.

20. We are not responsible for any mistake or delay caused by customers and unforseen events.

21. Currently, Hazel Bakerette has limited delivery areas. For now, we can deliver from Kuala Lumpur, to Shah Alam to Putrajaya and any areas in between and near them. Please contact us, if you want your address to be added in our delivery area but it is subject to our ability to deliver to said area.

22. Hazel Bakerette has the right to refund or cancel your orders given notice for certain circumstances.

23. Hazel Bakerette has the right to change Terms and Conditions and Delivery Terms with any notice.